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Neighborhood Emergency Response Program (NERP)

Emergencies and disasters can occur at any time without warning.  The more we prepare the better we will be able to minimize panic and confusion.


 A team of LPNA members, in conjunction with the City/County Office of Emergency Management (OEM), has joined together to make sure Las Palmas Neighborhood is protected in case of a disaster.  We encourage you to join us as we embark on this very timely journey.  We will create a comprehensive plan for our neighborhood. 


We have been told that El Paso is likely to experience one of the following emergencies: chemical spill, cyber attack (knock out services), domestic or international terrorism, epidemic/pandemic disease outbreaks, weather-related incidents such as flooding/flash flooding, and winter or ice storms that could leave us with limited or no utilities or phone communication.  In any one of these scenarios the needs of our city will outnumber the available responders.


Would you know what to do in case of a severe thunderstorm, tornado, fire, health crisis, flash flood, ice storm (broken pipes/no water), school lockdown, neighborhood shooting, large scale incident, domestic or biological terrorism, abduction, power outage, heat wave or evacuation?


NERP is designed to help people and neighborhoods prepare to be self sufficient during an emergency UNTIL city and county First Responders arrive.


Well, what are we waiting for?  Let’s get started!


 Please contact Pam Faraone at to join the NERP Team!

  Las Palmas Neighborhood Association’s Neighborhood Emergency Response Team