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Dear Las Palmas Neighbors,


This message is just a reminder and an early invitation to two of our Las Palmas Neighborhood Association events we have coming up.


First, there is our El Paso Neighborhood Summit to take place on Saturday, September 10th. This is a city wide event held annually. It is basically a convention of all of our city neighborhood associations. It is open to everyone. Your Las Palmas Neighborhood Association has always had many members attend each year because the program is really good. I will be sending out a flyer on this event soon. It will be held at the YISD Headquarters building on Sims Drive. This is right off Gateway West just after the intersection of McRae Blvd. (Used to be Morningside Mall for you old timers). Free lunch at this event is always delicious.


Next, is our LPNA General Meeting to be held at 6:30 pm, Tuesday, September 13th. We will be meeting again at the Region 19 Head Start Center. Our keynote speaker is our Representative to the Texas House of Representatives, Joe Pickett. We will also be focusing on our own Neighborhood Emergency Response Plan (NERP) at this meeting.


Some of your fellow LPNA members are participating in a Community Emergency Readiness Training (CERT) as part of their NERP training. The attached pictures were taken today.